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FLORA TNDICA.                                   67

fourth and last species- in DC. Syst. Veg. is a New Holland plant, D. alata of Brown.
Of this we have seen no authentic specimen ; but a plant from Cape York collected
by Mr. Macgillivray during the voyage of the ' Rattlesnake' agrees perfectly with
•the description given by DO. It has, however, the inner stamens elongated and re-
curved, as iu many Dilleidte, and in Ihe gnms Capellia of Blume, which is otherwise,
both in habit and character, identical with Wormia. It appears therefore unadvisable
to retafci this genus Capellia. Jack had, indeed, some time before the publication
of the Dijdragcn, described ttluinc's Capellia as a genuine JPoruiia, adopting tlie
same view of the limits of the genus that we now do, and making its characters
depend chicily on the dehiscent fruit. "We have, however, availed ourselves of the
character indicated by Blume, as a means of dividing the genus IFonnia. We have
included provisionally in the genus several species which have hitherto been referred
to Dillenia, but which have so entirely the abpect of the known species of JFormia,
that in all probability they will be fouud, when better kuowu,' to bo members of it.
Except one Madagascar and one New Holland plant, the species are all tropical Indian.

Sect. 1. CAPELLIA, Blunie. — Stamina interiora longiora, pateutim

1. W. eKcelsa (Jack, Mai. Misc. et in IJook. Comp. Bot Mag.
i. 221); foliis ovalibus aeutis denticulatis, petiolis late huirgiiiatis, ra-
cemis oppositifoliis elongatis multifloris. — Cupel] ia multiflora, Blume,
Bijdr. 5. — Cuming, No. 2358 !

HAS. In Peninsula Malayana ad Malacca 1 et Singapur! — (v. -s.)

DISTRIB. Java, Blume!

Arbor- cxcclsa. Folia fa 12-pollicaria, in pctiolum 1-2-pollicarcm late lujirgiuatum
sensim augustata, glabra, subtus ad ncrvos sparse pilosa, juniora cum pcduuculis et
omnibus partibjJ$ novellis sicpe floccoso-tomcntosa. llaccmi simplices, ran'us sub-
ramosi, folia jpquantes vel superantes ; bractcn lanceolatzc, cito decjiduic. fedicclfi
alterni, apict clavati, |-1 poll, longi. Seyala late ovalia, glabra. Petala late obo-
vata, bi^ilicaria. Stamina, cxteriora flava, iuteiiora purpurca. Folticuli 0-8, li-

2.  "W. oblonga (Wall. Cat. 951 !); foliis ovnli-oblongis inteo-ris
yd obscure crenatis, petiolis non, inargiuatis, pcclunculis oppositifoliis
2-5-floris paniculain terminalein fonuautibus.

HAS. In Peninsula Malayana: Penang, Wall.! Malacca, Griffith! —

(B. *.)

Arlor? Folia 4-S-polL, jxitiblo 1-^-pollicari gracili basi vix ' dilutato, glabra
vel subtus ad iiervos pubcrul^. •Utttceni folia supcrautcs, tlexuosi, i)ubcinli ; pedi-
cclli clavati, apicc pilosi. Srpala crassa, coriacea, fere orbicularin, extus adpresse
sericeo-pilosa. Petala late obovata, idtra 2 poll, louga. Octma 8-10, inultiovulata;

Ssct. 2. ExnvoftMiA. — Stamina sequilouga.

3.  W. triquetra (Rottb. Nov. Act/Hafu. ii, 532. t 3); foliis
late ovalibus subtruncatis grosse repantlo-dentatis vel sinuatis, petiolis
(ni^i supremis) non marginatis, racem-is 5-C-floris folia subrcqiumtibus.
—DC. Prod. i. 75.    W. dentata, DC. Prod. i. 75 ; Jr. et A. Prod.
L 7 in adtiot.   Dillenia dentata, TUwib. in Linn. Tr. i. 201. t. 20.

HAB. In 2^ylania ! — (v. s.)

Arbor.   Itami glabq, parted novella* interdum tcnuissime iucnute, ciio glabre-
scente?.    Folia glabra, coriacea, 5-8 pollices louga, 4-5 lata, basi rotuudata, versus